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Sri Lankan Life 

Tessa first went to Sri Lanka in 2015. A few week stay for surf and sun quickly turned into months working in a restaurant in Galle named Hoppa, extensively cooking and learning their authentic cuisine. Being immersed in Sri Lankan culture Tessa was able to grasp a deep knowledge and love for the way of life, people, and most importantly the food.

In spare moments between sunsets, hoppers, and surf, Hippy Happy Hoppers began to take formation. After her initial trip of 10 months, Tessa returned to the South West with a drive to create a unique food stall. Now, she returns annually to Sri Lanka to learn more recipes to develop the menu, and bring the delights of Asia to the South West. 

"I fell in love with the entire way of life in Sri Lanka, their relaxed outlook they manage to bring to all aspects of life, whilst remaining hard working and dedicated. I was fortunate enough to meet some incredible, inspiring people, and learn the trick of the cooking trade from locals who were more than willing to share their experiences. A friendship can blossom just by sharing a coconut after a sunset surf!"

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