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Sri Lankan Hoppers

Hoppers are Sri Lankan crispy pancake bowls. They are made using a rice flour fermented bater mix. This is then poured into a ‘hopper’ pan, where usually a fresh egg is added, and cooked until the pancake is crispy and the egg is runny! This essentially creates an edible bowl, which is filled with the filling of your choice. Plain or Egg Hoppers available.


All Hoppers are served with Rice, Creamy Dahl, Spicy Coconut Sambol, Sweet Onion Sambol, Shoyu Fried Seeds, Pomegranate, Coriander, and Lime.


Egg Hopper with Creamy Dahl and Coconut Sambol £9


Egg Hopper with Peanut Butter and Aubergine curry £10


Egg Hopper with Sweet and Tangy Chicken Curry £10


Fusion Hoppers


Egg Hopper with Ham and Cheese £8


Egg Hopper with Tomato, Feta and Spinach £8


Egg Hopper with Smoked Paprika Chorizo and Garlic Butter Mushrooms £8


Sides - Rotis handmade dough parcel stuffed with your choice of filling


Curried Spicy Veg £4


Sweet Hoppers


Plain Hopper with Chocolate and Banana £3


Plain Hopper with Lemon and Sugar £3


Gluten Free available Plain/Egg Hoppers - Vegan friendly

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