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What we do 

Hippy Happy Hoppers offers a wide variety of food and juices. But their speciality is the authentic and traditional Sri Lankan dish known as hoppers.

A Hopper is a tasty, healthy, nutritious bowl of happiness! Similar to a crepe, a bater mix made of coconut and rice flour is poured into a 'hopper' pan which is shaped like a bowl. This creates an edible basket where an egg is then added - creating the infamous egg hopper! Traditionally, hoppers are eaten for breakfast with creamy dahl and spicy coconut sambol. Thats where the fusion comes in - the egg hopper offers a vessel for any culinary delight! The Italian mozzarella pesto hopper, or the Sri Lankan peanut butter and aubergine curry hopper. 

But, we don't just stop at Hoppers! We offer all sorts of delights from Sri Lanka, including local small eats known as rotis. Similar to the Indian's samosas, roti's are handmade dough parcels stuffed with various fillings; spicy veg, cheese and tomato, even nutella and banana! And of course, no Sri Lankan experience is complete without a rice and curry. The importance of herbs and spices, and the impact they can have on a dish is what Tessa extensively learned from her courses and work within Sri Lanka. With a mix of travelling and humble upbringing in Devon, we have created a perfect combination of spice and flavours that everyone can enjoy. 

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